Quick event creation

Is there a quick way to create new calendar events using \ commands?
I don’t quite get what’s the point of assigning dates or creating reminders if they don’t even sync with calendars :smiling_face_with_tear:

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You can use the \link-event action to link to existing calendar events, there’s isn’t yet an action to create a new event, what kind of syntax would you have in mind for that?

Pretty much same as with the reminders. It’s just neat for timeblocking - reserving some time slot with attached note with stuff/actions you need to do or not to forget about, that kinda small enough and not worth of creating a bunch of separate to-do tasks.

Reminders just a little bit weird as they don’t even show up on Apple Calendar.

But time blocking, as the name implies, would be something you’d do ahead of time. So wouldn’t it be more logical to reserve those time blocks inside the calendar app (where you have a better overview and other view options to plan your month/week/day)? After that you switch back to Agenda and simply click on a block to create a new note linked to that block.

From what you describe it sounds like you work the other way around, you already start a note, before making the associated time block.

It’s just easier to scheldule using natural language like in Todoist. It’s ok, guess I can keep creating events from Todoist.