Questions regarding Sync / User Accounts + Project Sharing Question

I downloaded and played around with Agenda months ago on both my iPad and iPhone, creating some projects and creating some misc test notes. I deleted the app because it wasn’t what I needed at the moment. I never set up an account at that point.

Last night I redownloaded the apps to both my iPhone and iPad. I’m assuming it resync’d via my iCloud even though I didnt have an account, and it re-populated my Agenda projects/notes where I had left off before.

I created an agenda account last night using my iPad / iPhone. I’ve downloaded the most current versions of the app from the appstore (18.0.1). I set up my account: and now it’s logged in.

This morning, I logged out of the app on my iPad to try and test it with a 2nd user – my business partner. I created a new account using HIS email address (, and I noticed that after I activated the account and started poking around, that it was basically a mirror image of MY projects/notes.

It took me a few minutes to realize that sync is not based on the user account, but it is based on the iCloud account that is logged in on that particular device. If that is the case, then the big question is, what is the User account actually doing? Did I actually need to create user accounts if sync is solely functioning based on the iCloud account that’s logged in?

My Second question is Project Sharing. I see that you can now share an entire project. Does this mean that any notes created in the shared project will automatically sync over to the other user(s) that are a part of the shared project, or do I have to still share every single note I create with the other user(s) ?

Nevermind on the account login… I found a page on your site that explained that.

The big question for me is… is there a way to create a project and have two people posting notes to it, so that one person will see what the other person wrote, without having to share each and every note back and forth ?

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We don’t currently have project sharing, but you can share individual notes. The idea is that you can put the notes in any project you like. You are not restricted by what you friend does.

We will consider whole project sharing in future. Thanks for the feedback!