Questions on syncing due to corporate policys

I just started using Agenda and starting to really like this tool. My problem is I am not able to sync with my work machine. So I have been thinking about what is important and how I can work around this.

  1. I have come to the realization that I could live with 2 versions, a personal and a work list. It’s the best I am going to get at this time

  2. With 1 in mind, under a single user account, will I still be able to sync to the calendar? If so, can that facilitate in a 2 way sync, a push and a pull? Goal is to use Agenda to facilitate my cal to have my personal and work items in a single place.

Open to any other suggestions.

I guess a potential option is to do a daily export from personal laptop then a import into my work laptop. Vice Versa at the end of day. This seems painful, but almost the only idea I have to make this work until there is a alternative syncing solution besides iCloud Drive.

Unless I misunderstand the question, Calendar sync is independent from Agenda sync, as long as you have set up the calendar account for the given user account it will show in Agenda. In other words, if you configure the calendars to be the same for both a work and private user account, Agenda should show the same calendars in the sidebar when logged into either account.

I am hoping to use cal sync to get around my agenda sync issues. Is that possible? through cal sync, will i be able to sync notes back into agenda or is cal sync only doing a push to the cal?

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Unfortunately I’m not familiar with cal sync, can you elaborate what it is/does?

You could add notes to the calendar events at work, and have this appear in Calendar on your Mac, but Agenda does not import those notes. The only advantage there would be that you could jump to the calendar in Agenda to see the notes there.

I’m afraid you are probably not going to be really satisfied with any solution short of a full sync. What you perhaps could do is keep your work notes in Markdown (plain text) format in Dropbox or similar. These would sync back to your Mac. You could then import those into Agenda when they are finished.

We hope to add other sync options in future, which may help.

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