Question about purchasing premium

I haven’t run into any issues actually, I am just curious about the best way to purchase the premium version. I know if I purchase through the iOS App, Apple takes 30%. If I purchase through the macOS version, does apple still get their cut or does the Agenda team keep all of it?

Thank you for creating this phenomenal app!

Thank you for considering us in your purchase plans.

We do get a bigger cut if you download the Mac version from our web site, and purchase in that app. You can even change to the Mac App Store version after you have purchased.

I purchased the premuim about 9 months ago. I really like having access to new features and developments. Once the year is up do i then have an opportuity to purchase another year?
I do not want to lose the opportunity to have access to the new functionality you are adding over the next year. Thanks

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Yes, you have plenty of time. Even if you miss the date, when you next purchase, Agenda will unlock all features up to a year after your purchase date, including any added when your license was lapsed. So it is no problem at all.

The app will tell you itself when the expiry date is approaching. You can pay for another year at any time, and it will unlock all the premium features.

Right now there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to pay in the Mac App before the 3 months are up.
Thank you

That’s true, the app will only allow you to pay in the last few days or after the deadline. But don’t worry: you won’t miss anything. It doesn’t matter if you pay after the deadline. You still get all the same features, and an extra year of features to boot.

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I could renew with 15 days to go.

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Thank you so much for doing so, your support means a lot to us!

You are welcome! You guys are killing it and are the clear definition on how a great application can go hand in hand with a great dev and support team. Even though I know that at a scale, this level of interaction couldnt probably be so close, its really important that you guys know that what makes a difference in Agenda is the combination of all this aspects. Great software with bad support or devs who don’t listen to their community is not attractive anymore.