Question about individual due dates within a note

I understand how to make a due date for a part of a note, but what happens ON that due date. IOW, how can I see a list of what I have that is due today, or next week, etc? Thanks!!

In Agenda 5.0, we have a new feature. You can search for due tags, and have the dates work “relatively”.

So you could then do a Search All for “#due(today)”, and save that as an overview (eg Due Today). You will have the option to make it a relative date, and from that moment, Due Today will show any note that has a due date of today or earlier.

Same for next week. Make a search for #due(7 days) and it should show anything due in the next week or earlier.


Got it, thank you!

I’m wondering what some use cases for due dates are. I use Todoist as my “robust” task manager, and trying to figure out workflows. Thank you, I’m loving this app, purchasing premium today.

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With the #due tag, you could attach it to something that needs doing, and remove it when the task is done. This would mean you would be unlikely to miss something that needs doing in one of your notes.

But you are right, it is not intended to completely replace a to-do list, though many people do manage without one and just work with Agenda.

Take a look in our Talk section to see how others use the app. There are many approaches.

This might fall along the category of “feature-request”, but it would be amazing if when you attached a due date and a checklist box, if you check that box off it essentially removes the due date?

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Thanks for the idea! We will consider that.

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Awesome, thanks!