Purchasing premium: why do I get subscription offer?

What I did:
tried to purchase premium via yellow button on top left, chose iOS/iPad

What happened:
Got screen with price and a blue subscribe button („abonnieren“ in German)

What I expected:
Get a button for one-time purchase, not for a subscription.
Could you please explain if this subscription is going to withdraw more money automatically after some time? Do I need to manually cancel after 11.9 month in order to get not charged again?
The mode, i.e. get and keep forever any feature available within next 12 month after purchase is understood.
From other apps I know they are charging for new features by doing version updates v2, v3, v4 … as optional in app purchase. Customer can always keep their current feature set. An example for this is the Safe+ password manager app.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iOS 15.0.2, Agenda version is current on iPad

Thanks for any replies

Sorry for the confusion. This is certainly not a repeating subscription. You won’t be charged anything again unless you decide to purchase again yourself. So your understanding of the model is correct, and you don’t have to cancel anything.

We are using something called a “non-recurring subscription”. I believe that Apple probably show you the button you saw. It is unfortunate it says the word “subscription”. I actually wasn’t aware it did say that.

Perhaps we can try to change to a different type of purchase, so it doesn’t seem like a subscription. Thank you for letting us know.

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