Pull (or link) existing reminders and events into the body of a note

What I did: Created a note → attempted to drag, and then link, in a reminder and calendar event from the right timeline pane; did not work. Also tried to find a link or lookup function to pull/link these items into the note; not successful

What happened: no success. I can create new reminders from within the note, but can’t figure out how to do anything with existing reminders. I can’t figure out how to do anything with calendar events, aside from link them as the title (not in the body) to a note/new note, but that’s not at all what I need to do.

What I expected: in the body of the note, have existing reminders and calendar events show (linked to the actual objects would be fine) wherever I want them to

Calendar events can only be linked to a note (by clicking/tapping the calendar icon in the top right corner of the note next to the title) and cannot appear inside the note. Reminders can, you can simply drag them from the calendar on the right into the text (make sure the cursor is blinking inside the note)

Ok I’ll try it again. I am able to drag them over (on a Mac) but I can’t get the note to receive the reminder.

It’s essential that the cursor is blinking in the note or it won’t work, let me know if it still doesn’t work for you.

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Is this action not possible in the mobile (iPhone) app?

I will check to be sure, need to look into it

Dragging Reminders in on Mac works…although the title of the reminder doesn’t come in, it’s just an alarm clock icon. Is there a way to get it to pull in the title, too?

Not at the moment, we don’t display the title for reminders. We’ll see if it could be possible to add the title if you have no text on the line yet.

Oh that would be WONDERFUL! That would streamline these processes so well. A sample problem this would solve can be seen in my current simple flow of:

  1. I type a todo task into my Today note (this todo already has a Reminder for it)
  2. I drag in the existing reminder from the sidebar, placing it on the same line as the todo in the previous step

By simply allowing me to drag in the Reminder with title (and date/time and List and tags, if possible) as step #1, my work getting this task/Reminder into the note is done in 1 step. Then, if marking the task’s radio button complete would also update the reminder as completed, that’d also be great.

I’d be happy to sketch these out better or talk further… not that I’m presuming all or any of this will actually be chosen as feature adds/changes :slight_smile: . But I do think these sorts of functionality improvement get Agenda closer something like an ideal app, and even further differentiates it from NotePlan.

Any update on the ability to drag in or otherwise bring existing Reminders into a note using the iPhone app?

Not yet but we’ll try to get to it in one of the next updates