Projects, SubProjects, Sub-Subprojects, etc

Sorry if this is redundant - I’m new, did not find anything on community.

Could you please make it so that the projects inside a category can have sub-projecte, that can have sub-sub-sub…projects (as many as needed, with each indented to the right? It would give a great visual when looking at importance. Also, to me, the whole left side looks very much the same, : subcatgory looks pretty much like category, so could you perhaps make as default so that category is larger font, bold, and subcat. smaller font, bold, but still bigger than project name, and perhaps a bigger indentation? Re projects and sub-projects, same font is fine. Also, to me, the colors on the left are too muted, they do not jump out. Could those become more pronounced?

Would anyone else enjoy the suggested changes? Thank you.

Instead of subprojects we opted for subcategories instead, you can make as many sub-sub-sub categories as you like with this premium feature: Get All Features

Hi Alex - thank you for your kind and prompt reply. Perhaps I am beating a dead horse, however…

This is what I had in mind (see picture above). Would that work for Agenda? Personally, I find this indented (tabbed over) look easier on the eye when looking for something, rather than everything pretty much lining up on the left all the time. The fact that items (see pic) are collapsible (not sure of tech term) cleans up the left column (see attached picture).

Other than that (the left side), the rest of Agenda works great and is a joy to use. I have been using it for a year or two, and just recently got the premium.

The picture above is from “Scrivener”. In there, you can either have “drop down type” when you click on arrow by item, or the opposite, click on the arrow of the level above (regardless which level) and all you see is just the category, and not the whole string on sub… One can create as many sub-project levels as one desires. Also, in order to create a “sub-project” (using your terminology), you can highlight whatever name you give it and drag it INTO the title that has a rank above it (place it on top of it and drop), and it automatically creates a new sub-…project :slight_smile:

If you have not seen Scrivener yet, do look at it. It has lots of minuses, but also many plusses, the left column organization being one of them, to me. See how I organize my recipes?

Check out the snapshot from my Scrivener below, it is self-explanatory. Thank you.

Stay well Alex,


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Hi Inge,

The equivalent of what this looks like in Agenda is this:

Got it!! Thank you Alex!

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and with the non-premium version?

Of course, this isn’t possible in the free version. One option may be to name your projects with some structure. Ie put the category name first, or use an emoji or something to group things.

and what are the advantages in this respect with the Pro version?

The pro version gives you nested categories. So you can put categories inside categories. Eg. Have a “work” category with lots of subcategories.

thanks I will try