Project Title doesn't appear when shared

What I did: Shared project via email as PDF

What happened: It attaches fine but the project title does not show. Example: Projects title is: Children’s Christmas Party. Notes are titled Games:, Food:, Crafts:, etc. When I share the project, only the Notes and their titles cross over. The Project title does not. So if I share multiple projects in one email, I don’t know which notes are for what project.

What I expected: That the name of the project would be listed when sharing it.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Can you send us a series of screenshots of what you describe? It would help us better understand the exact sharing workflow you use.

This is what my project looks like in Agenda:

This is my share steps:

This is the result in email:

I see, you’d like to see the project title at the top of the first page of the PDF correct? Indeed, we’d like to bring that one back as well, we’ll do our best.

Exactly. I’d like to send a list of my projects (with notes) via email. Ideally the project title then all related notes to that project, then the next project title along with all it’s notes, and so on.

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