Project Sidebar is Blank

What I did: I moved a note from one category to another

What happened: the sidebar disappeared.

What I expected: the note would just move

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): macOS and I am a new user (1 month in + I love to tool!!)

Does quitting and restarting the app help? When you say disappeared do you mean it collapsed or that it’s visible but no longer containing anything?

There is nothing on that screen.

And….@mekentosj - the restart worked. I was afraid to have lost it all in a restart.
Thanks for the note!

Very odd, let us know if you hit it again.

This issue keeps happening to me on Mac OS Catalina. Frequently when I move a note / project / subcategory to another area, the projects sidebar goes blank until I quit and restart the app.

This should be fixed in next week’s version 10.0 update.