Project log / Archive / Hide Completed Task

I would like to see a feature that allows me to hide completed task and keeps a project log so if I need to go back to the log and see where I’m at in the project I can.

Right now I have to do this manually, because I find that I don’t like my open projects being cluttered with completed task.

Once it’s to completed I want to get it off my plate and focus my attention on the things I have left to do.

However, I would like be able to click completed and it disappears and it’s automatically archived and log in the project file so if I need to go back and look at it I can.

Right now I’m after I complete a task I then move It over myself to a duplicate folder I have label projects log.

A good example of this feature is Things 3, it keeps your work space clean allowing you focus.

Thanks for taking this into consideration.

~ Willie

We have some ideas in this direction indeed and do want to provide more options when it comes to lists and to do items. A word of caution though, it’s not our intention to turn Agenda into Things or Trello, but we do hope to offer more building blocks to improve your workflow.

I couldn’t agree with you more, I drop Things 3 and decided to go all in on Agenda, and trello was never my thing.

But, that one feature they got it right.

Have you (Agenda team) considered adding the “Archive” action to every possible item/concept? E.g. categories, notes, bullet points, etc. It’d also be cool if each one of those things had a hyperlink.

I think those are features that would help with a lot of workflows, including this one, without going heavyweight on project and task management, or any specific direction.

If I could archive and hyperlink bullet points and check boxes I could probably drop Reminders completely.

Yes we have some ideas in this direction but nothing concrete to announce yet I’m afraid, thanks for the suggestions!

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Interesting ideas, I wonder if “on the agenda” would be a similar concept? e.g. you can currently…

  • add notes to the agenda
  • archive projects

So per-concept agenda & archive functionality, you could add projects and checklist items to the agenda individually, and archive them individually.

I don’t think we’ll allow for putting sub-parts of a note’s content to On the Agenda. What we are thinking about with “archiving” items etc, is the ability to hide checked items, and/or collapse parts of lists/headers etc. Nothing set in stone yet, but these are the lines we’re thinking along.