Project links showing up in my notes


First off, I am getting re-acquainted with Agenda and I love this app. I do have a question and i’m unable to find anything related to this. On my notes, I seem to find random links to other projects. I had used Agenda a long time ago, and I never noticed this before. The links appear randomly in the middle of screenshots (behind) and they are definitely links to other projects.

Is there a way to disable that? or will I just have to deal with project links showing up in the middle of my notes?

Thank you guys in advance,

Hi Gio,

Welcome back and glad to hear you like Agenda so much! Unfortunately the screenshot wasn’t attached to your post, could you add it?

I was in such a hurry that I completely forgot to. Okay so doing some investigation I notice that when I keep Agenda open on my Mac too long, it will show links randomly, however, closing it and reopening it seems to clear things out. Here is a link of a note I have in a project that showed two random links. I sometimes see these links in the middle of a note, behind an image (at first I thought it was part of the image but when I remove images the links are still there. Again a quick restart of agenda seems to fix it, just experienced this when I have it open a while, so I’m trying to use Agenda for all my workflow so fater a few hours I begin to see things like this. I’m. not sure if it’s something I’m not doing right.

Thank you guys, and I’ve been loving Agenda!!

Indeed this is a bug that has been reported by some but that we never managed to reproduce, a restart of the app should fix it, but if you find any way to consistently reproduce it or trigger it, that would be brilliant to know.

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I’ll keep an eye for it happening again and what might cause it, but I suspect it’s one of those hard to pin down bugs. Either way, a quick restart definitely fixes it. Thank you so much Agenda support team for your quick reply and you guys have a great day

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