Project independent notes


I am thinking of a scenario where I want to have a single note named ‘My Notes’, or ‘Misc’, or ‘Scribbles’, basically a go-to blank canvas for any thing I may want to annotate through the day, but it doesn’t belong to any project.

Say for example I (ideally) add this note to a category called ‘Personal’ or ‘Misc’ (which I think it’s not possible at the moment because you can’t create a note without a project) with no other projects inside, I think it would be nice to be able to click on the ‘Personal/Misc’ category name in the sidebar and instead of toggling its visibility, the category shows my note at the right, or all notes that belong to that category.

Basically all of the above is to avoid having, as I have it now, a ‘My Notes’ category, and within that another ‘My Notes’ category, just to have that note inside.

I know I could have a ‘Personal’ category and a ‘My Notes’ project within it, but it’s unnecessary to me, it’s obvious that the notes are my notes. or if I have a ‘Notes’ category and split it into ‘Personal’ and ‘Work’ projects, than those would act as categories and not projects, because surely under Work then I would like to keep notes divided again by project.

I hope this makes sense, thank you.

Makes sense. Thanks for the feedback!

I like the idea of “Scribbles”! Embroidery suggests having a “doodle cloth” to try out stitches or threads before using them on your project. “Daybooks” were a traditional writers practice. This would be searchable and tagable.