Project icon doesn’t reset when blank

The little icons to the left of a project tend to fill up as more items are added.

I use one project as an inbox for filing into other projects. After I’ve filed all the items, and the project is again empty, the project icon in the list to the left stays full.

Can you have the project icon reset when the project is empty?

Great to see you noticed the detail @TimTCM, can I ask how you clear the project? By moving notes to a different project or by deleting them? If the latter, the icon should reset itself if you empty the Bin.

Usually by moving them.

Ok, thanks, we’ll take a look

I was looking at this but it works here, can you send a few screenshots of the steps you take?

Well, the project icon is full now, so I don’t know that I can show steps of it happening since it no longer becomes not full.

I use the settings icon on note items in my Inbox project to move notes from the inbox to other projects.

From there I pick a Move To option in Pojects.

Sometimes I just delete things out of the inbox project (Move to Trash).

Really weird, both moves affect the icon here on my end. Does it help if you empty the bin?

Yes, emptying the trash changed the icon.

Ok, thanks for confirming :+1:

I’ve also noticed issues with items in the trash. Links, overviews, calendar which are a few that I’ve experienced. This is not a new thing. The trash needs to somehow be more isolated.