Project/Category display tears

What I did: Just working in the app

What happened: Too many occasions where Project and Category headers are teared and retained in the display, nessitating relaunch of the app on macOS.

What I expected:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

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We do hear about this, but haven’t been able to reproduce it consistently so we can fix it. If you see it again, perhaps you can do this:

  1. Go to the Help menu
  2. Hold option key in
  3. Choose “Report an issue with error logs…”

Maybe there will be something in the logs to help us figure it out.

It’s happening a lot for me—at least 3-6 times a day. Latest:

No rhyme or reason I can discern. Resizing the window doesn’t clear it. Tears stick to particular notes.

I’ve sent in a log as indicated. Hope you guys can track this down, it’s maddening.

Is it always the same notes or project?

I got the logs, but unfortunately couldn’t find anything directly responsible. There were a few errors in there I was able to fix, but I would be surprised if they were the cause. Possible though, I guess.

I found that changing to a completely different project, and back, could sometimes clear the issue. Does that work for you?

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Hi Drew, it seems to be completely random as to which notes/categories get ‘stuck’, but I’ll start doing screengrabs at each occurrence to confirm. Will post if I see anything reproducible.

Changing/adding/deleting projects doesn’t clear anything unfortunately. Very strange


I may be premature here, but it looks like your latest 18.3.2 (295) release does indeed fix the issue for me!!! Knock all the woods!! It’s like a new app. I haven’t seen a recurance since the latest release, which is really saying something. Will certainly post if it recurs. Thanks Drew!!

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Glad it is helping. I would be surprised if the issue is really gone, but we’ll see I guess.

Yea, spoke too soon. Went a couple days without recurrence, but now back. Sigh

No real pattern yet. Still seems random. Will report back if I notice anything that could possibly be replicated.

Do you remember whether you did one of the following just before this happened?

  • add, move, or remove an attachment or reminder to the note?
  • collapse or expand a note?
  • delete a note?

Hi @mekentosj !

Never for attachments. I very rarely do these. And no local reminder settings.
Likely never for deleting notes. Again, rare.

May very likely involve collapsing and expanding notes. ‘On the Agenda’ view is the area where this happens the most.

Latest example attached. Again, Agenda view.

Definitely in Agenda view. Haven’t noticed a problem in specific projects

Are you often using the right-mouse button to select items from the contextual menus by any chance?

A quick update to let you know that Drew has managed to find some ways to reproduce this now and we have a fix coming in our next release. Thank you so much for your help in this!

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Nope, left mouse for select

Thanks!! Strange thing: I haven’t seen an issue since latest Sonoma patch. Likely unrelated, but very weird.

We do suspect that Sonoma is the problem, so maybe they really fixed it. In any case, we have an extra check coming which will guarantee it is fixed.

Thanks! Yea, haven’t seen an issue yet since last Sonoma update. Fingers-crossed