Problems with Sharing Menu

I still have the problem that the sharing of documents, especially PDF files with “Agenda” sometimes doesn’t work.
It does not matter whether it is a large file with several MB or a small file with a few KB.

For example, I am trying to share a PDF file with “Agenda” from the “Yoink” app. I can create a new note in the Share menu. But if I want to insert the PDF file using the + button, the process abruptly aborts and I end up back where I should choose which app I want to share with.

I don’t have this problem when sharing these files with other apps. It is limited to “Agenda” only.

I wrote to support. I was told that it was due to the size of the PDF files. I can’t imagine that, though, because the files have different sizes and, as I said, work without any problems in other apps.

Does anyone else have this problem and can offer a workaround?

This problem occurs on iPhone 12 and iPhone X with latest iOS.

Sharing extensions are very limited in the memory they can use, so a large PDF, or a note that already has images etc, could tip you over that limit causing the crash.

The good news is that Agenda 13, coming next week, has improvements for this. I recommend giving that a try, and let us know if the issue remains.