Problems with Handwritten Input

Hello agenda community. I have a question about using my apple pencil on the Ipad pro as a interface combined with the keyboard app “MyScript Stylus”.
I use the app as my regular keyboard for typing. But in the agenda app it seems that some auto recognition produces irritations. ] can’t use my handwriting because the app translates my text input into formal input. Like a big letter “A” is directly auto-changed into a „1“ of a List-System. This makes it impossible to write using the handwriting keyboard for me.

Are there any experiences with the keyboard App MyScript Stylus?

Thank you

Hi Jannis,
Can you be more specific? Is this a problem with everything you do, or just certain things you enter.
Note that it may not have anything to do with the handwriting. Agenda supports markdown, so certain patterns trigger formatting. Eg. entering 1. at the start of a line starts a list.
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Dear Drew. Thank you for the repy.
I guess the problem I mentioned is connected to the markdown function, because the handwriting worked fine in generally, just special Letters triggered something.
But as a big letter “A” directly startet a List , i couldn’t start normal sentences with an A-Word.
Is it possible to deactivate this function?

With best regards

Very odd. A big A should not start a list. A dash or number count. Or was it interpreting the big A as square brackets? (ie [ ])

Perhaps you an post a screenshot or two.

Dear Drew,

Second clip as example

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Jannis Friederich

Dear Drew,

i send you some examples for you to understand the issue with the handwriting interface.
In the agenda app for my impression the translation doesn’t work as Smooth as in some other apps.

The handwriting app seems to be confused and jumps a lot after single letters.
Best regards

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Jannis Friederich

Seems the clips got lost. Can you just email them to