Problem with URL link description

I’m using very frequently links to my DevonThink documents (“Copy link”).
Since 3 or 4 weeks this function will not work properly for me.
When I pasted the link in an agenda note it will shown recently in the “raw” format:
However, I would expect to get only the title of document and not the URL. This has been worked before correctly.
For me, it seems that it is a problem in Agenda, because the pasting in other apps (i.e. notes, OmniFocus) works as expected

I’m using the Agenda Version 4.0 on my mac

Thanks for the report, we’ll have a look.

Any update on this item?
With 4.1 the problem still exists:

  1. Copy document link from Devonthink ( “DevonThink Document - Title”

  2. Paste the link in Agenda:
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-26 um 10.24.54.pdf (110.1 KB)

  3. Paste the link i.e. OmniFocus
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-26 um 10.25.06.pdf (69.9 KB)

I would expect that Agenda show also the title of the document and not only the pure link.
This is has already worked before before V4

This is because OmniFocus does some custom work with the paste info from DevonThink. We’ll have a look if down the line we could do something similar but I’ll be honest and I’m afraid this won’t have much priority in comparison to everything else that we have on our plates.

Yers, I can understand this.

However, I’m also asking because this “formatted” input of the link has been worked (for me) as expected until 28. November 2018. May be something has changed at this time?

In Apple Notes the link will also shown with its title and not the raw URL.

Ok, we’ll have a look.

With 5.0 it seems to be fixed again.
It work again as expected.
Thanks a lot.


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Great to hear that and thanks for letting us know!