Problem with list when new category is created

What I did: Created a new category

What happened: The bottom part of the list got obscured. Unable to reach the last categories and projects.
If I reset the app it becomes normal again.
If I move around a bit it may also become normal.
This has happened more than once.
It may also happen when I create or delete a project.

What I expected: A normal list of categories and projects.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda version 13.1.1, iOS 14, iPhone SE(2020)

Sorry you have this. It sounds like an internal glitch.

If you can, see if you can find out what triggers the problem, and let us know. Perhaps you do something just before this happens, which causes the issue. We can then test it better.

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I cannot say for sure what triggers the problem. Today I created a new category and project, and everything was normal. I even moved two notes into the new project.
Last time I had deleted something before it happened. I suspect that is what triggers it.

I try to remember more inn detail: I deleted a category, and the project in it was moved to a new “other projects” category that the system created. The project was empty. I deleted that project.

Thanks. That might help. Will see if we can reproduce it.

It has been normal until today.
What I did:
Created a new project in an existing category
Adding a note with a picture as thumbnail
Edited the name of the project because it was misspelled
Then I discovered this problem again. I don’t know exactly when it happened in this process.
It is not a big problem though. After I wrote this note the menu was normal again.
Thanks for treating us customers with respect.

Thanks for letting us know. We will see what we can find.