Problem with display of reminders in Calendar pane?

I am using the full version of Agenda 10 on a Mac running Catalina and an iPad Pro running iOS13. I have 3 reminders that repeat every day as well as other occasional reminders. I would expect to see all incomplete reminders in the Calendar pane, both for today and future days, but the list of reminders always has some missing; for example today correctly has two, then there are none for 4 days when only one is shown. The number shown seems to be limited to a maximum of 3. This does not happen with Calendar events, which display as expected. Is this a limitation of the Reminders app, or a problem with Agenda?

As far as I remember, Reminders only makes the next one when you check off the last one. Do you see all the reminders in the Reminders app? Agenda should be showing you the same thing as the Reminders app.