Problem with Big Sur and reminders

What I did: Recently upgraded to Big Sur. Installed latest Agend software. I’m attemping to add a reminder to a bullet point

What happened:
I can not select a reminders list from the drop down.

What I expected:

A drop down with my chosen reminder lists.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Mac OS Big Sir. Agenda Version 11.2.1 (160), MacBook Air

Does it help if you create a reminder first in the reminders app?

I wonder was there a resoulution to this issue I have the same problem. All works as expect in iOS but on the mac no dice

Does it help if you:

  1. quit Agenda if running

  2. make a new reminders list in Reminders

  3. add a reminder to this list

  4. open Agenda?

Just got word from another user facing the same issue that it helped for him to go quit Agenda and in the privacy preference pane you uncheck and check Agenda. Does that indeed fix the issue for you as well?

Thanks for the quick response
Your suggestion had no effect


I changed the default list from “home” to “research” for no good reason and problem solved.
Interestingly all list except the home list are available in Agenda

Interesting and glad you found a way to make it work, thanks for letting us know!