Private Notes for linked calendar events

When I link a calendar entry and a Note do the invitees see

A. my notes?
B. an Agenda link?

(I.e. does any data get synced into the actual calendar event)?

Is there a difference relating to this if I am
a) the organiser? or
b) just an invitee?

In other words is the data in the notes I make for myself ever synced/visible to other people within calendar events?

When I link a calendar entry and a Note do the invitees see

A. my notes?

No, for privacy reasons we do not sync notes from agenda into the calendar notes field under any conditions.

B. an Agenda link?

No, we only insert a Agenda link in events without invitees. The main reasons are:

  1. such a link would not lead to anywhere for the other invitees and would therefore be confusing to them
  2. inserting a link would trigger an “updated event” notification for the other invitees, which too would be confusing and annoying to them.

Given the above, this becomes irrelevant as we don’t insert links nor notes into events with invitees.

Well that answers part of my earlier questions. Notes are one way; you’ll grab Calendar’s Notes to new Agenda notes (but not keep them in sync).

So what happens if we add an invitee after? Answer: The link does show up, as a line of (confusing;-) text (at least in web based iCloud Calendar). But maybe the use will ask what that is all about, and we’ll sell them on Agenda. Wow, so much to consider when integrating; I feel bad for asking and assuming it would be easy. I can see why working in the cloud only is so appealing, as the link could be cloud (rather than local) based.

Unless you add an invitee after you’ve made the Agenda connection, in which case it may be relevant but Agenda inserted the link before you added the invitee, so, tag, you’re it. :wink:

Indeed, not easy to implement, and certainly not in a way that everyone intuitively makes sense of. Thanks for sticking with it; over time it will make better sense I’m sure.

Exactly right. Of course, the difference is that when you add an invitee you see the event and what you are about to send over, you could remove notes and urls etc at that point. This removes the single biggest danger that syncing your agenda notes with the calendar event notes would give: accidental sharing of your notes with others. Imagine typing up the notes from your sales talk and it getting synced back to your client who was an invitee on the calendar event… ouch…

Yeah, perhaps Calendar (the iCal Standard?) needs a “local” field that does not get shared with invitees.

Yeah that would be good indeed, alas I don’t think it has anything like that

Thanks for the prompt and informative replies. I am an Agile Coach and using Agenda to record encounters with teams and individuals, tag key points and identify common issues, track follow up activities, etc. Agenda is great for that.

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