Printing Highlights

I noticed that when I print a note, text highlights do not get printed even though they appear in the print dialog box preview window. It would be great to have the option to print/not print highlighted text.

Side note: Using Agenda, I created a PDF (via the print dialog) and opened it in (macOS) Preview. Here, highlights are displayed on screen both in the document and in the print dialog box preview window, but when printed they do not display. Guessing this is a PostScript thing.

(Note: Preview does print highlights made using it’s own highlighting feature)


Just to clarify, you are talking about text with a highlight applied, like a color. You don’t mean that you selected the text in the editor, right?

It should indeed include the highlight in any PDF or print. Something must be going wrong there.

I assume this is happening every time, right? Or is it under certain circumstances?

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