Printing a single note

I would like to be able to print a single note. Now it is printing all the notes under the same topic.

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Did you try first selecting the note? Ie turning it yellow?

Right now there’s not a very easy way, the workaround is to search for the note (or set a date filter) such that it’s the only one visible, the print. We hope to make this easier in the future.

Any update on this? I’d also like to print a single note simply. Thanks.

There is a Print menu in the cog button at the bottom of the note. If you use that, it will just print that note.

That should have been obvious, but I missed it. Thanks for explaining! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there still a print option in each note’s cog (MacOS)? There’s a Share item (which is where print might appear on iOS), but I don’t see Print there.

In Agenda 14 print will be also there on macOS.

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