Print pinned notes with white / transparent background

What I did: Initiated printing of a pinned note

What happened: The print preview showed the note with a solid gray background, just as it shows up in the notes view.

What I expected: The print preview shows the note with a white / transparent background, same as any unpinned notes.

Agenda 9.1, macOS 10.13.6

Hmm, this is a tricky one, ie, how much should the printed output mimic the onscreen appearance. Can certainly see your point of view, but can imagine others would want it to match reasonably with the on screen text. Probably needs a preference or settings for this at some point…

For what it’s worth… For me, pinning a note is purely about keeping it at the top of the project, and the shading indicates it’s pinned. I usually only print notes when I’m sharing them with someone else, but I can’t envisage a scenario where I’d want the note shaded - the shading would have no meaning outside the screen!

As @drewmccormack mentions I can certainly see how for others the shaded background would be important, for instance to separate a summary or details at the top from the content that follows. Indeed probably something we should at some point offer as a choice in the print dialog.

Interesting how we all use Agenda differently! I don’t think I’ve ever printed a whole project, as my notes in a project rarely make a coherent narrative. I tend to use Notes to record stuff and gather my thoughts. If I need to share something I find I need to write a new note that makes sense to others.

Actually, I have in the past tried using Agenda to write a proposal or report, based around a number of notes in a project. (I can see the pinned note formatting making sense here.) But the limitations of printing (to pdf in that case), described elsewhere in the forum, were too great to make it suitable for this purpose.

(Not arguing one way or the other - just sharing my use of Agenda.)