Print in Dark Mode in OSX Mojave

What I did: Change system to Dark mode in System Preference

What happened: When Printing as PDF all the text were white, therefore there was nothing on the paper. I couldnt change the font colour to black. I was using the save as pdf in the print option

What I expected: White paper, black text

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): OSX Mojave, the latest App store version of Agenda 2018-09-24

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Same problem here. I also tried it with blue paper but since my printer doesn’t have white color it didn’t work.
So printing seems not to be possible in the current version when dark mode is being used.

Thanks for reporting, I see what the problem is, we’ll fix it ASAP. The workaround is to temporarily switch to light mode in the Agenda preferences, sorry for that.


Thanks mate


Just to add, Dark mode, High Sierra - exported PDF or printinbg a note, the font is grey. Switching to light mode as mentioned prints ok.

Yes, print and export to PDF are related, using the same machinery. Fixing one should fix the other too. Thanks for reporting!

Printing and PDF export in dark mode should be fixed in the Agenda for Mac 2.5 update.