Price for premium or for subscription?

I don’t understand if I bought the premium features for one year like a subscription OR if I bought the actual premium features forever PLUS all the features which will come out in the next 12 months, which I will then own forever.
If this is a subscription modality, I would like to have my money back and forget all about this app.
UPDATE: now I get it and I love it. Very fair model!

This is not a subscription. The premium features you unlock never become locked again. You get all current features, plus any new ones released in the next year. Those features are yours forever.


To me, the licensing model is quite clear. It would summarize it as: pay once, receive a year’s worth of free upgrades and use forever. Probably one of the most honest licensing models available for all parties involved.

What may be confusinfg is that the iTunes purchase history labels the premium feature purchase as a subscription, even though it is not listed under the subscriptions.

Perhaps you or Apple can do something to avoid this confusion.


Indeed it’s a pity that Apple is classifying it as such, I’m afraid there’s not much we can do on the iTunes side I’m afraid.

@Manuelinux have a look at this blog post from Drew to read more on our model and the rationale behind it:

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This is the clarification I needed


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I have always loved the model from Agenda and while selfishly it works for me, I cannot help but wonder if it adds more complication (from a development perspective)?

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It does add more complication over using a standard App Store subscription for sure, having said that with the upfront development effort out of the way it now has very little overhead for us.

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You’re kidding yourself to ignore the fact that calling this non-subscription a subscription (aka in-app purchase) prevents family sharing. Were it labeled as a purchase, they’d be required to comply with Apple’s family sharing policy.

Not sure suggesting that we’re do something shady in order to avoid complying with certain policies is of any help here. If you’d like to know more about the true rationale about the model we picked see this article written by Drew:

We would be happy if Apple made IAPs work for the family, at least some kinds of IAP. In the meantime, you can easily just sign your kids in to your Agenda Account and they will have the premium features too.

Is family sharing not now an option for in app purchases?

I think they did add it, but it is for a different type of IAP than we use. We have our own license server to implement our sales model, and we use so called “consumable” IAPs. That is, you use them once, like a token in a game, and then it is gone. We use the “coin” to extend your feature unlock on our server.

So the we are using things now, we can’t do family sharing. It’s not very difficult though to simply sign in to your Agenda Account for your family. That unlocks the features, and the rest (eg Sync) goes through their iCloud account and is not related to the Agenda Account.

Thanks Drew. You folks are so helpful, so much beyond most developers, both in responsiveness and thoroughness of answers.

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Hi, I would like to unlock the premium features for another member of my family. Unfortunately, I have used ‘Sign in with Apple’ instead of creating an agenda account when I purchased the premium features last January. Therefore I cannot use the solution you suggest here, i.e. just sign in my family member to my agenda account. Can you please suggest what to do in this case?

I do see an account under your email address, which has the features. If you did use Sign in with Apple, you can setup to use email + password as well, and then use that for the other devices. To do this:

  1. Sign out of your Agenda Account
  2. Type in your email address
  3. Press Reset Password
  4. Follow instructions in the email to choose a password

Now you can use your email + password to sign in, as well as Sign in with Apple.

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I had a question regarding the premium features. If i purchase the full version i get premium feature updates that come out within the next year. If there are addidtional premium feature that become availalable after my purchase, will i be able to purchase the additional features at a discounted price or will i have to pay the full price again to be able to use the new premium features? thank you

After the 12 month period of free premium features post-purchase is up, and a new premium feature comes out, you’d have to pay the same price again as your initial purchase to get it the new feature. It too would then come with 12 months of new premium features after your purchase. Finally, note that you don’t have to directly buy if course, you can also first wait for more features to be released. It’s up to you when you feel the value vs price is right.