Prevent accidental editing

Hello, I really enjoy using Agenda. It helps me organize and gather information. I was wondering if there was a way to lock a note to prevent accidental editing (make it read only) while reading the note. Sometimes I can just touch the screen and the cursor is ready to do its job. That’s is great unless I don’t want that. Thoughts? Thanks again for your continued work on the app.


I think for a task, it makes some sense, but inside a text editor it would be quite frustrating, since we are so used to editing text.

There is no way to lock a note in a read-only state yet. It would be a nice feature. Will add to the list.

Note that you can make a note private, but that hides the content. You can also collapse the note, but again, it will be hidden. A read-only mode would be a nice addition.

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It might be worth making “read-only” a status that is searchable. I have quite a few notes that are for reference only - like the hex numbers for brand colours, instructions for how to do rarely used but important procedures in my accounting package, etc. Because I don’t use them often, it’s difficult to remember where I’ve filed them, or indeed to remember if I created a note at all!

So, not only do I not want to edit them by mistake, I would love to be able to have a saved view of all such notes. (I know I could use a tag, but it’s too easy to create multiple similar tags by mistake - #reference #references etc)

OK, thanks for the feedback. Will take it along