Pressing return while in note title moves you to the end of the note

In Agenda, pressing return while editing the note title moves you to the end of the note unlike in every other note-taking app where it would move you to the beginning of the note.

I wonder if you guys like this behavior. I’m relatively new to Agenda and it goes against my muscle memory but perhaps there are benefits to this that I’m not seeing.

The reason we do this is that it’s more likely you’ll be adding to the end of the note than to the beginning. If you create an empty note there’s no difference of course, but if you create a note from an event, the notes associated with the event are inserted in the new note and it’s more likely that you want to start after that then before it. Also if a note contains content already and you want to change the title, most likely upon hitting return you’d want to continue at the end.

Note that if you instead of return you use the down arrow key, you do go to the beginning of the note.

That’s all I needed to know, thanks :smiley:

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That’s good to know! I often add text to the beginning of a note, generally a summary or ‘next step’ type stuff. Easier to spot at the top!