Preparing Agenda for a live presentation

I’m currently planning to present a live demo of Agenda to some of my colleagues to show how Agenda helps me to manage my daily business and to keep track of my thoughts. Well, not all of my thoughts (and notes) are for everyone’s eyes. :eyes: :cold_sweat:

Do you have any idea, how I could switch to an „empty“ Agenda for presentation and to restore my real notes afterwards? Something like using a guest account on macOS? Temporarily disconnecting from iCloud Sync?

Any idea is highly appreciated. :heart:


Indeed, a guest account works best, it’s what I use for screen recordings as well. You will need to avoid logging into your iCloud account or use a different iCloud account or all your data will be loaded into Agenda on your guest account of course :smiley:

Thanks for spreading the word on Agenda!! :+1: