Preference for a Default Project

For me, notetaking needs to be a frictionless as possible. Friction means that I might miss or not even attempt to take a note that I should be taking.

Can you please add a preference (or some other mechanism) to allow us to automatically assign a note to a particular project rather than always asking which project to place a note before we can start actually taking the note?

For me, I would create a project called In Box. Or, if the Today filter could be set as the default project, that would also work–I realize that it is currently a dedicated Smart search. But I think you get the idea.


Definitely, we have some ideas in this direction for a future update, we’ll take your comments along!

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You can do this now, using Shortcuts and x-callback url’s. The advantage to doing it this way is that you could set up different shortcuts to automatically put notes in specific projects.

Also, you can use either text input or use the dictate action. Or, you could create a single note called “Inbox” and use the Append to Note action in Shortcuts. You can have them time & date stamped, too.


Excellent idea. Is there a repository of prewritten Shortcuts for Agenda that you know of?

I’d recommend starting by searching the forums here. The only other site I have seen out in the wild with Shortcuts specifically for Agenda is Scotty Jackson’s site here. Scotty also participates here in the forums, so you’re likely to see some of his posts in your search.

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Thanks. I’m going over Scott’s note. To save someone a little time, in the future, here is the deeper link to Scotty’s Agenda Shortcuts post.


I wouldn’t say my question was answered (others may say it was but that I didn’t like or fully accept the answer). However a path was pointed to that may help(ed).