Powerful shortcut for reminders

Well, I have wrote too much posts today because I have spent all the day playing with shortcuts and I go from no understanding callbacks to feel pretty comfortable.

Before anything: I have inspired the shortcut in one seen in this forum, but can’t remember the user, I would edit after check it.

Explanation: The original shortcut take rich text but I can’t figure it out so I use text, that also make it work with all types of content: articles, messages, etc.
The shortcut takes text. It makes the first line the title, and all the rest of the text to notes. Now it goes the tricky part.

I don’t know how to auto obtain or autoapend the note identifier so I have to copy the agenda link manually to the note (new or already created)

If the text include agenda:// It creates a reminder and as I use goodtask, it makes subtasks all the lines that start with -[ ] and completed if [x].
The rest of the text is added in reminder’s notes. And it obtains the agenda URL and insert it into the reminder.
Finally it append a goodtask callback to agenda that opens the task automatically.

I created a project called Listas for the imported texts, you can change in the URL step above the “if not”

It’s very powerful even for import stuff quickly. Take a look and let me feedback.


Great stuff, thank you for sharing your shortcut with the community!

Thanks! I have been optimising it and now I use it as separate shortcuts.

This is for append the URL to the note you’re at the moment. So you use share agenda link and use it. (This is the base for all the next)


This is the one I use to import something to a new note (you can also duplicate an existing one):


The list part is for separate lines. So if you have

-you have to choose three.

-you have to choose 2

And so. If you want to skip paragraph you can enter other number entry.

And finally, this is for move note to reminder (associated with note URL instead of reminder, so in that way you can use it as “main reminder”) also it takes the checkboxes and convert them to sub tasks in good tasks (you can change it if you use another app)


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