Potential Bug: UI

When I attempted to Link an Event with a New Note, I saw overlap in the UI. I don’t know if you all noticed this, but this can occur when you have a pretty exhaustive series of Project Lists. The screenshot shows what I mean. Is anyone else seeing this as well?

As for the app, kudos to you all for a great app you have created, along with a great business model!! Other companies should follow suit! Thanks in advance for your response.

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Thanks for the encouragement! Really appreciate it.

So this happens when you have a really long list, is that correct?

Thanks for reporting, I’ve indeed fixed that one in the upcoming update.

I have to come back to this one, we fixed it for the light and dark theme under Mojave’s light setting, under the dark setting it’s still there alas. We’ll do our best to fix that in the next round.

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