Post-purchase question

I just purchased the Premium unlock for Agenda for Mac. I’m running an old desktop and am planning to get a new M2 machine later this year when announced.

Since there was no serial number for my unlock but a link that opened in Agenda itself, I wanted to know if/how I can uninstall the app on this Intel machine and reinstall my Premium version on my new machine in a few months. Thanks!

There’s no need for uninstall in terms of the premium features, it covers all your personal devices. To install and unlock Agenda on your new Mac, simply make sure that 1) you are syncing with iCloud or Dropbox (for your notes) and 2) have created an Agenda account in the Agenda preferences (for your premium features). Then on your new Mac, download Agenda from the App Store or from, make sure you are signed in to your iCloud or Dropbox account and the notes and projects should download automatically. And when you log in with the same Agenda account will unlock the premium features on your new Mac as well. Hope that helps!

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