Possible to sync with Box

Many organizations utilize Box for cloud storage and block/disallow iCloud (which limits my use now). Are there any plans to enable syncing with Box? Not sure if it is possible to point Agenda’s files to a Box folder and then sync MacOS and iOS devices to Box. That would be a huge plus and I can expand my use of Agenda which is an awesome app.

We have recently added Dropbox.

There are many sync services for files (Google Drive, MS One Drive, Amazon etc), and everyone wants a different one unfortunately. Supporting them all is not really realistic for us.

We will take your request on board for future.

Love the app, but this is limiting for me, too. Yes, everyone wants to sync with the service they pay for. But, that doesn’t mean everyone wants “a different one.” If you look across the spectrum, Google Drive, MS One Drive, Box, Amazon, iCloud, and Dropbox will cover 95% of users. It’s more work, but I think the question of whether or not is realistic is really a question of whether or not you want the business of the people using those different services and is it worth maintaining those integrations.

Someone at Agenda should do that math and decide if it’s worth the investment. I would love to use this product, but in my business environment, it’s either Google Drive or Box. Although Dropbox has done a lot to improve its security, their problems a few years ago pushed them off many corporate lists of approved software. How many users do you lose without the integrations? That’s what should drive the call, IMHO.

We may do at some point, but we have to weigh these things up. Eg. we could spend several weeks or a month working on Google Drive sync, for a relatively small percentage of users (most have iCloud of course), or we could use that same month for a feature like Pencil on iPad or localization, which could potentially bring in many more users.

Not ruling it out, just saying we have to prioritize, and find the time to add these services. Each one costs about a developer-month in coding and testing, so not that cheap to do.

Thanks for the reply. It sounds to me like we’re saying the same thing. Just depends on what those percentages are… Thanks again.