Possibility of due dates relative to assigned date?

I would love if I could assign a date to a note that is relative to the assigned date.

In other words, lets say I have a note where the assigned date is June 1. I’d love to assign something that would be a week before that, or a month before that, and have Agenda calculate the due date somehow … ??

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I think it would be a little tricky to do that in the calendar control. You would somehow have to say make this note 1 month before that note. Tricky UI.

Note that you can use relative dates with text. If you type #due(30 days ago), I believe that will fill in the right date for you.

This is analogous to a suggestion I made last year to be able to add as many dates as you want, one being the default. If you have a meeting date where this note is most relevant you flag/tag that one if you want to. As for the UI, most of the time there is one date; if more than one there is a plus sign. Wouldn’t that work? But I get the issue with pure relative dates, for that use omnifocus.