Poor support for Chinese



What I did: input some Chinese character in the editor, like “组织”, “送”

What happened: The application crashes

What I expected: The app should work smoothly

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

    v1.2 from Mac App Store; MacOS 10.13.3. crashes with both official Chinese input method and RIME(Squirrel) input method.


We have a fix for this coming in our next update.

Thanks for reporting it!
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Thanks for your reply. I updated the app through Mac App Store just now. It’s more reliable. But still crashes when using some markdown symbols with Chinese.

For example, when I input “## 组织”, it crashes. Is markdown supported? Or I have to use your shortcut or round point in front of the line to change styles?

BTW, I’ve reported after crashes.


Yes, I also encountered the same failure, using markdown syntax and @ and #.
The latest version 1.3 is still resolved and the crash report has been sent.


Markdown is supported, but obviously there must be some problems with the Chinese input manager tool. I will investigate. I thought we had caught these, but there may be more.


it still have a lot of crashes moment when i use this app , i regret to buy it so quickly .


We’re really sorry to gear that. Can you describe the actions that are most likely/consistently leading to crashes? Also, can you please make sure to submit all your crash reports and mention the language you’re using in the description? It’s the fastest way to get them fixed.


yes, i aways send the crashes report to default mail by this app provide . you should find out it will crashed when i typed in chinese with # or ## markdown program .


I did do quite a bit of testing with # for the 1.3 version, and it wasn’t crashing anymore.

Are you now using 1.3?

If it is still crashing, are you just typing in the text, or are you doing something like pasting it in?



Something like “## ”+Chinses characters using PinYin input method cause crash. Input the Chinese word and then change it to sub-heading do not. Pasting is OK too.
I uploaded reports the day v1.3 was released (on Mac App Store).


Thanks for the clarification (and supporting the reports, that helps). Given we’re not chinese speakers ourselves it’s often less easy to reproduce for us and hence we rely on your help. Could you do us a big favor and send us some screenshots of what you describe (showing the input methods you have setup and the steps just up until you enter the character that makes the app crash)?


Well, I’ve done better.
Here’s the video when crashing. The input method I choose is the Apple official Chinese PinYin. Switching to other Chinese pinyin like Squirrel (i.e Rime) can reproduce the crash too.


Well, I’ve done better.

Brilliant, that’s perfect, we’ll go after it.


I think I have fixed this now in our developer build. Will be in the next beta/release.



We have released a beta that should fix these crashes. If you want to try it, make sure you have the version of the app downloaded from our web site (agenda.com) — not the Mac App Store — and then go to the Preferences and choose “Automatically check for New Releases and Beta Versions”. Then choose Agenda > Check for Updates…

Let us know if there is any issue.


OK. I’ve tested the beta version. Now it’s not crashing.Using beta version for now.


Great to hear! Thank you for testing it for us.


Update: This was fixed in the 1.4 update.