Podcast: Alexander Griekspoor, co-creator of Agenda.com

This morning I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Jeroen Leenarts on his AppForce1 podcast to talk about being a present day Mac and iOS developer, as well as about Agenda and how it came about. Jeroen is also a big fan and user of Agenda, you might have seen him around here under his @jeroen username. We talked this morning and he managed to already put the episode online tonight (!), I hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did!


This was really good!

I’m glad to finally properly understand your @ now, having heard it spoken, and am a little embarrassed to have just gotten it now :joy:

Thank you for sharing!

Recognisable, where you talked about the differences between being young and “fearless” and getting a bit older, more experienced and therefore more “efficient”. And that that’s a good and a not so good thing at the same time.
Also the clear ideas about the company, the way you want to run things - not wanting to “be a manager”.
Good to hear you’re thinking about Apple and its future and anticipating new ventures. Quite curious about what is to become from that.

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Yeah, I tend to forget that it’s been a while since we were actively publishing or science apps under that name :smiley:

Great to hear you enjoyed listening!

Lately, there’s this thought that keeps visiting me: why don’t developers get into hardware for their products?

I think it is just such a foreign world for most software developers. Also requires large investments.

A good example of a software company that have done this is Panic. They ware a well known Mac shop, but decided they wanted to make a handheld game device, so they did! Pretty cool! https://play.date

Looks good and simple.
In the musical instrument business there is https://teenage.engineering from Sweden. Very independent, very innovative and producing pretty solid products, for a (relatively) small company.
I first thought aboout this when I was a hardcore OmniFocus user. I would have liked to have that in its own hardware.
Just like I do with Agenda now!
We all want gadgets and more independence.

The release of Papers 2 was certainly a high mark moment for me. One of the very few apps I’ve paid for work. I’ve spend many hours matching my PDF files :smiley:

Since then I’ve probably used Agenda for much longer, so there’s that :slight_smile:

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Just for the copy-machine-meets-knight-rider effect? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can still hear the sound.

Not only that, back then I spent a lot of time typing references, and it was a huge pain, so having them filled out automatically felt thrilling.

Nowadays there’s always some place you can copy the entire reference from, so you never really need to type them anymore.

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