Podcast: Agenda and Project Management with Pat Maddox - iPad Pros Episode 65

Another great interview from Tim in the latest episode from his iPad Pros podcast. As you might remember, he talked to our very own @drewmccormack back in episode 48. This time he interviewed Agenda user @Pat_Maddox, a software developer who uses Agenda to manage all of his work and personal projects. They dive into all things Agenda, not only how he uses the app, but also about the workflows and thought processes he uses to keep track of his projects and tasks. A super interesting journey worth listening to!

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Speaking about great podcasts, Agenda was also recently featured in the NestedFolders podcast where Rosemary Orchard and Agenda user Scotty Jackson (@heyscottyj) discuss how some use a productivity system like Agenda while others are not, and how you collaborate with others whose systems are different or non-existing. A great listen as well!

A big thanks to both @Pat_Maddox, and @heyscottyj for sharing there experiences and the things that work for them that others can learn from!

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Many thanks for the double heads-up. Already downloaded and will listen to both. Wonder how @Pat_Maddox will now adjust his use of Agenda for project management with the brand-new sub-categories (beta 9.0) and what is Rosemary’s take on Agenda, as she’s more of an automation user.

Please do keep us posted on more podcast episodes where Agenda is discussed.


Thanks for the shoutout, Alexander! That episode was really fun to do (well, they all are, really), but was a great platform to talk about how we organize ourselves to work well with others.



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I think that comes across very well, I think you guys are a great duo on this podcast, complementing each other very nicely. Keep it up!

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