Podcast: Agenda 17 with Alexander Griekspoor - iPad Pros Episode 168

Agenda returns on the iPad Pros podcast as Tim interviews @mekentosj in the latest episode about the multiple windows support added to Agenda 17. They dive into the philosophy behind its design, how it works and the various types of windows it supports on iPad, how the Mac and iPad are different, and how it is perfectly suited for Stage Manager and working with an external monitor hooked to your iPad. Finally, they also go into the tweaks made to Agenda’s business model and why, and what both hope to see in terms of the future for the iPad. Enjoy!

Ps. if you haven’t listen to it at the time, Drew talked where the idea of Agenda came from, his scientific research prior to launching Agenda, and how Agenda is different from the other note taking apps in a previous episode of Tim’s podcast, be sure to check it out as well