Plugins to format links nicely

I’m often dropping links to things like Jira tickets, CVE reports and GitHub merge requests into my agenda notes.

It would be great if there was a way to detect links in a particular form (like Fix the global-buffer-overflow in tiffset (!287) · Merge requests · libtiff / libtiff · GitLab and magically turn them into nicely formatted links.

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Indeed, prettifying links is becoming expected. Look at how eg Notion or Craft do it: you quickly become used to it.
Proposing the title of the linked page would already be nice.

Thanks for the feedback! This is in our list of todos.

Note that we already do make some links nicer, not so much in appearance, but by shortening the link, or substituting a title. One example, though there are quite a few (eg GitHub), is “Open in Mail” for email links.

Nicer tokens for links would be good though. Probably more like tags.

Yes, an easier partial solution would be to allow me to specify more link shortening patterns.

To create links to and from Agenda, I use Hook. This software works very well and allows me to link my notes to just about anything.

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Just to clarify, when you say format links nicely, you mean something like what the forum does with these links for example:

Or do you mean that links are simply shortened, like what Agenda already does with GitHub links where the link

is already shown as

pixel glow/ZipZap - 88cf77

in the current version of Agenda.

I’d be totally happy with the latter, where a better textual form of the link is used.

personnally I was talking about the way the forum does it. It is becoming standard to format links this way, including an image, maybe some text. As far as I can tell, all the new notes app now do it this way. I guess it might be complicated to reproduce that behavior in Agenda…

I’d be totally happy with the latter, where a better textual form of the link is used.

For GitHub and a bunch of other sites we do it already, so if you have suggestions for weblink you’d like to shortened by all means send us examples of the full link and what you’d like it to be (to preserve the full link here on the forum make sure to surround them with back ticks), these are relatively easy to add for us.

We strongly feel this should be at least an option. I personally often have many links that I keep in a list form, ala:

I’d really wouldn’t want all of these to be converted into a big card type look. So if we do add this possibility it will very likely be an option not the standard way.

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I’m firmly in the ‘text shortcut’ camp here as my use-case is the same as mekentosj: lists of things to track.

I’m guessing these are done with regular expressions, so a way of allowing me to add custom REs would be awesome: we have self-hosted Jira and GitLab instances so the default matches won’t catch my links.

Would it be possible to email me ( some example full urls of the types of links you’d like to see shortened for your self-hosted Jira and gitlab sites to get an idea of what they would look like? I wouldn’t need access, just the full urls.