Please let us choose starting screen



Hello, it would be nice to choose where to start in Agenda, which project or which note. At the moment I have no notes pinned to the overview, and Agenda always open to a blank view.

Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll think about ways to make this possible.


Even useful if we could select on the Agenda or Today as a starting screen.


Thank you very much mekentosj. I am really loving the app.


Bravone, sarebbe una cosa di grande libidine.


The mind wanders… what if notes could be tagged and smart searches/folders created, and one could set custom results as the home page same as what Todoist allow… In it, you can choose projects as custom startup screen, today, next seven days, and custom boolean results. Just daydreaming :slight_smile:
Great work anyway.


The first part is there already, you can add tags already to notes and create smart overviews by saving a search for a tag (premium feature). The second part is something we’ll think about.


That’s great, thank you!