Please allow numbered lists to start at arbitrary values

Using the screenshot below, I’d like to be able to break up a numbered list and specify where it resumes. I’d like to have been able to type 2. and begin a new numbered list at that number.



Note that this does work when the check item is “nested” in the numbered list.

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 10.30.02

The problem with what you are suggesting is that numbers would never stop. Eg.

  1. list
  2. list

A lot of text here
blah blha

  1. list continues, where we wanted a new list.

Word processors do give control over the list continuing the numbering. Perhaps we will do that in future, but most note taking apps find it too fiddly to do that. For now, I recommend just indenting the check list item.

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This is a recurring request that tends to be dismissed by the developers. I know I have started a tread like this before and even chimed in on ones that already existed. This is the last feature that I feel like Agenda is missing.

We’re not dismissing the feature, it just has its priority among all other things in the list… It is on the list however.