Please add Week to Overviews in top RHS

I plan as am I sure we all do, alot for the week ahead, and there is only an overview for “Today”, not “Week”.

Please could you add “Week” as an additional overview and then we can all plan our weeks work better. The “week” filter would just show the dates within the next 7 days. TIA.

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Although we don’t build that in, it is pretty easy to make this yourself if you have the premium features. Here is how:

  1. Click on Search All
  2. Click the calendar button next to the search field at the top
  3. Select the next week. You can click and drag to make a range of dates for the week
  4. Save the search as an overview and call it “Week”

That’s it. You should now have a Week, just like Today.

Hope that helps!
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Thanks VM, just the ticket! - David

There’s not really a way to do a “This Week” overview though, is there? Your solution requires deleting and re-creating the search overview any time you want to change what week it is.

The closest thing thing is the relative search, which would be “Today and next six days”, or “3 days before and 3 days after” depending on what you select for the week and what day of the week it is.

When saving the intelligent overview you have two otions, e.g. „Today and the following 6 days“ and „20 Sept - 26 Sept“, the first option shows always the actual day and the following 6 days (and not always the day the search/overview was created - as it would show no difference to the second option).

Right - and that’s different from “This Week”, which would be Sun-Sat / Mon-Sun depending on how you’ve configured “week starts on.”

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Ah ok. Do I understand it correct now? No matter what day of the (actual) week, the result is always the actual week.
Or: Monday of week 31 shows the same week as Saturday of week 31.
Yes, I think this is not possible.

True. We don’t clamp it Sunday-Sunday or whatever. The original question was just about the coming 7 days though, and Agenda can do that.