Planning our upcoming vacation



I’ve found Agenda to be the perfect app to plan our upcoming vacation. I have created a note for each day of the trip, setting the date for the day of the trip. I add the expected itinerary for each of those days. I can keep notes for each day on expected mileage and driving times. I can include confirmation numbers. And I can add tasks for each day, such as “make reservation at…”

Pinned to the top is a note with preparation tasks and other notes about the whole trip. As usual, the combination of the various elements (notes, tasks, bullets, headings, etc.) that can make up a note, and the ability to scroll through the notes as if they were all one document is a great advantage of Agenda.


Thanks for this entry. I like seeing how others use Agenda for things like a vacation, especially with details on setting it up.


Funny, our designer @wrinklypea was just telling yesterday how he is using Agenda to prepare his upcoming holidays as well (and asking if the iOS version would be ready before :stuck_out_tongue:), maybe he can chime in as well…


This is awesome! I’ve been thinking of a road-trip as well and started to research tools and completely forgot about Agenda as a possible solution. It would help if there was an iOS version (hint, hint) but in terms of planning - Agenda would definitely fit the bill. :thinking:


Everyone wants the iOS version!


When is he going on vacation? :wink:


Oh, that’s a great idea! I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with Agenda planning my next vacation - should be very useful for Christmas, too! Cards, presents, guest list, shopping, etc…