Pinning note to top isn't respected when grouping by colour


I’m trying to group notes by colour, but when I do this, my pinned grey note ends up below my blue notes, even though they aren’t pinned. The same problem occurs when I pin notes to the bottom. Shouldn’t pinned notes take priority regardless of the grouping, and shouldn’t I be able to rearrange the order of coloured groups?



It would also be helpful to have the ability to change the order of coloured groups.

I suggest adding a feature in the Colours panel that allows users to rearrange the order of colours, which would then adjust the ordering of coloured groups.


Both items are on our list indeed, we’ll take a look at whether pinning works as expected when grouping by colour.

I mentioned when the feature was introduced about an alternative to coloring an entire note . Any possibility of including such a thing at the same time for those of us who have a hard time focusing and to use the feature? Perhaps utilizing the note handle , top frame leg or other to not take up additional real estate or add clutter. BTW, doing so would eliminate any text, tag, link, reminder, etc background color differentiation issues!

If we would go this route it would be through theming, i.e. coloured notes would show differently but it would be the way the coloured note would be displayed, we would not add yet another type of colouring or add a preference.