Pinch and zoom a sketch/handwritten notes

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I am enjoying Agenda and use it to prepare for meetings and tasks.

Apple Pencil is essential in much of what I do on iPad, and I therefore use Sketches to prepare and take notes.

I would very much like to see pinch and zoom when a sketch is open in fulls screen. This would make it quick and easy to navigate the canvas, and to draw illustrations.

Secondary, but interesting, would be an endless canvas or more pages - without returning to agenda, for example, to add another.

Looking forward to future releases!



Thanks for the feedback!

We do actually support zoom when working with annotations of images. We can consider whether it is an idea to support it for standard drawing.

Interestingly, we did have endless scrolling originally. The problem becomes that the images that are created become huge, and they actually don’t fit in the memory of the iPhone anymore. This causes artifacts. So we have put in place a limit to prevent this happening.

It’s also questionable whether Agenda is the right app for such an infinite canvas. You might be better off with other more drawing oriented apps for that. It’s not really our focus.

Thanks again!

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I get your reasoning for canvas size and memory usage. This I agree with, and we can hope Apple works on memory size for its devices. Sharing memory between CPU and GPU may be why they swap more and made it relatively efficient.

Pinch&Zoom would be very helpful, though. Especially as pages already goes outside of the iPad screen at current zoom level - which is also appreciated :slight_smile:

Looking forward and hoping this makes it into a release in the near future.

In the mean time, I will continue to use Agenda and find it very helpful - and quite stable - at this point.


One of the main aspects I love about Agenda is its incorporation with the Apple :green_apple: Pencil! I try not to spread myself too thin by using other apps and perhaps categorizing.

For most of my life, my notes were always in handwriting. With that came countless doodles. In Agenda, I can doodle to my hearts content, in an array of colours, which facilitates thinking– it always has! But now I can bring in lovely photos which can even make Agenda into an Art Journal. (Actually, I just now thought of that! I like the idea a lot!) A digital Art Journal is just one potential project within an app designed to best organize yourself and your projects.

There have been many studies that have shown that the act of physically writing, as opposed to typing, is more readily conducive to learning as you have more of your body involved; it’s more open-ended. As an educator, who has studied the acquisition and development of cognition in depth, I’d certainly concur.

In OS14, Apple :apple: is really emphasizing the incorporation of the Pencil in a new app which I believe is called Scribbles.

I use Agenda for a myriad of purposes. I use it to journal.

I use it for research. It certainly helps me get organized.

I use it to help organize my writing. It helps to brainstorm.

I use it to think!

I had to do a clean install recently on one of my iPads. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how I’m going to get my work in Scrivener out. (There are some “files” in Files but they don’t readily open). The ideas and work I generated in Agenda is right there! (And I bought a thumb drive! LOL!)

I use it to organize digital art designs and their notes which I store in Files.

I hardly use Notes any more.

Look. You already have the knockdown gorgeous UI which is conducive to the artistically inclined. Go for it! You really don’t have that far to go! The artistic among us need an app just like Agenda! We’re just like everyone else.

If Agenda could convert handwriting to typing that would be terrific!

I got through five years of college without ever having to type a paper. “Sure. You’ll be able to read my paper. I have beautiful handwriting!” Essentially? I begged!

We definitely plan to support Scribble in Agenda as part of iOS14, which will allow you to write directly in the Agenda notes and have it be translated to typed text. Unfortunately Apple hasn’t opened up yet the possibility to convert handwritten text in the drawing canvas that allows mixing drawings and handwritten text. Hopefully they’ll open this up down the road too.

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