Pin to top in On the Agenda

When in On the Agenda, Pin to Top should pin it to the top of that section, not to the top of the original category.

Semi-related, I’m not even sure how the sorting works in On the Agenda. It doesn’t seem to have any sort of logical sorting to me.

On the Agenda is not a real project, it is a set of search results. So pinning anything in there would be tricky. What would we do in other overviews, like Today etc. Could get messy to have to pin things in every place they appear.

We do have plans to allow choosing to how things are sorted in overviews. For now, they are sorted first by project, and then in the standard time order of the project. Later, we could sorting purely by date, where notes from different projects get mixed up.

We could also consider respecting the pinned state. So perhaps if a note is pinned in the project, it would also be pinned in On-the-Agenda. That might be a sort option.

Thanks for the feedback!

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