Pin hashtag or saved search to the side bar

Can we allow pinning hashtags to the side bar, so that people can click on it and see all the notes with that hash tag? Or even better, allow saving search to the sidebar (in which case the hashtag will be a special use cases since we can search by hashtag). It’s like a virtual category, but allows notes to appear in more than 1 of them.

Flomo is a very good example of the design.

If we can have this feature, I PROMISE to buy Premium =D


It’s already a premium feature if I’ve understood you right. See

and jump to Save Searches

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Yes, you can already save searches when you have the premium features, and you can save a search for a tag to achieve this. We have plans to make it even easier to make tag overviews too.


Thanks for the info folks! This is really nice!

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