Pin formatting tools to main window

I would like to be able to pin the formatting window as a toolbar to the main window please. I’d also like to have a button I can press to show or hide the toolbar in any note window.

The tools are pinned by default to the paragraph where you open them. You can additionally tear the panel off if you want to have it permanently visible.

Can you explain more what you are after? What part of the current setup doesn’t work for you?

Just to add to drew’s comment, you’ll find a demo of the formatting window here:

I agree! Based on my own experience and other users’ experiences, we should probably do away with the pop-over button and floating window for formatting. It’s clearly not working as it should and/or becoming aggravatingly cumbersome. A formatting bar right in the main window (or one accessible the way the calendar is) — even a simplified one — would be ideal. It’s also such a commonly used and intuitive interface, that I’d hope it would be relatively straightforward to implement. Thanks!

@Clarissa and @gpbell I strongly disagree with getting rid of the floating format menu. Formatting satellite windows from the main window, I don’t even know how to respond to. The idea of getting rid of something (like a really great feature) rather than fixing it is anathema to me. Yes the format menu getting hidden behind a window, duplicating itself when moved, then the close button closing only the dupe, the precision required to interact with the paragraph bar with a pointer, causing the menu to pop up but not operate are all quite annoying. It just needs to be tweaked a bit.

I’m curious if when moving the detached panel focus to another paragraph, note, or window the attachment point is actually closed and reopened at the new cursor or just moved? Could the panel be designed to be always on top of the focus window?

That is exactly how it is supposed to work. Just tried it, and it did work like that for me in a short test. The panel should always float above the note windows. If it appears behind, there must have been some internal problem (a mini crash).

If you tear off the panel, it follows the current selection, wherever that is. You can see that if you move the selection, from a list to body text, eg, that the panel adapts to the current style of the new selection. This is classic “inspector” behavior on macOS.

Note also, that you can click the little circle again at any time, and the torn off window will reattach.

To follow up on this, we have reports from some people that the floating window isn’t working properly as it should, showing odd sticking behaviour and/or not being responsive etc. Unfortunately we have never been able to reproduce this, and from some reports it seems it’s machine specific, something on the OS or specifics of those Macs that trigger this. Perhaps a third party windowing tool trying to interfere or some old setting. It’s very frustrating so if you do find out what triggers/influences this let us know, it certainly not how it works for most people and only affects a small subset of Agenda users as far as we know.

To add to what @mekentosj said, it’s possible it also has to do with some windowing setting on the Mac. Eg. that you have windows copied to each space, or something like that. If you have special settings, that would also be good to know.